What is the Tuesday Circle of Healing and Prayer?

60 Church Street
Asheville, NC 28801

828-253-9361 x 227

What is the Tuesday Circle of Healing and Prayer? 


At 9am the Red Door at 60 Church St. opens to the weekly Tuesday Circle of Healing and Prayer.  At 9:30  together we gather in a circle around with each other. While we are there, we:

Receive a warm welcome with a snack and coffee

We pray for ourselves and for others, with each other

We reflect on Sacred Writings and then share where they touch us here and now

We sing with each other

Circle is followed with a hot meal or great snacks to go

Individual prayer and anointing is offered

Hear how attendees describe it for themselves: 

Shelter for the heart in the open arms of Jesus -M.D.

Sharing vulnerabilities with fellow travelers while feeling God’s presence - J.S.

A sacred circle of trust – D.W.

A hallowed place where God’s everlasting love and acceptance prevail – L.M.

A safe, sanctioned refuge for restoration of one’s soul – E.M.

Real time issues are discussed, and it helps me get through the week – D.R.

The group is diverse and insightful, and I'm inspired to open up more – M.R.


Led by a holy man who extends the open arms of Jesus to all
“I never wanted to change the world. I only wanted to be a drop of pure water that reflects God’s love.”
-Mother Theresa,
"Help me, Holy One, to be a drop of pure water today"   …Brother John


Come as you are and join with us any Tuesday.


Brother John Huebner

OSF, Franciscan Missionary Friar

The Red Door, Church of the Advocate
60 Church Street, Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: 828-253-9361 ext. 227
Email: office@reddooravl.org