Sunday March 29 Meditation- Deacon Tim

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Sunday March 29, 2020 Meditation - Deacon Tim

Sunday March  29, 2020

Life In The Midst of Death

The 5th Sunday of Lent  -   March 29, 2020

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...and a particulary 'chilling' Video of the Ezekiel reading, by Dan DiFelice. Director, Compositor, VFX Director
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We are all walking through a desolate land right now, a valley filled with death. Yet we are called to live, to love and to serve.

How can we live in the midst of death of fear? 

If the Holy One is breathing life into us from the Four Winds, will we breathe deeply or turn away from that Spirit of Life? 

A Prayer:

O God of Life
You call upon the Four Winds 
And breathe upon us 
That we may live.
Give us, we pray, 
Faith to see life amidst the death,
Hope in the Valley of Bones,
Resurrection even for those long departed.
May we remember this day
That these times of darkness will end,
That Light and Life are eternal,
And in your hands you hold us all.
All this we ask
In the Name of the One Who Conquered Death,
Jesus, Our Savior. 
    Remember to Love Your Neighbors, All Your Neighbors!
The Rev. Timothy M. Ervolina
Deacon, The Red Door at Church of the Advocate
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