Stations of the Cross, April 7,2020

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Stations of the Cross April 7,  2020

Welcome to Stations of the Cross April 7, 2020

As we walk this Journey, our thanks to material from the Community of the  Gospel


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Hello everyone.  It is Brother John.  Well, we have traveled together for past 5 weeks to some very amazing devotional sites.  We traveled for many hours down the dusty narrow streets of Jerusalem.  I warned you about the crowds along the route and especially inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  I know that many of you were amazed by the diversity of Christians in the Church.  It suddenly didn’t matter that we were coming from many different cultures and denominations.  Once we entered the empty tomb, we were all one in the Lord.  Today, we will pray the Stations of the Cross from Station 1 to Station 14.

I would like to begin with an old Franciscan preparatory prayer for the Stations of the Cross.  The phrasing is a little dated, but the message is eternal.  Let us pray:

Most merciful Lord, with a contrite heart and a penitent spirit, I bow down before your divine majesty.  I adore you as my supreme Lord and Master.  I believe in you. I hope in you.  I love you above all things.  I am heartily sorry for the things done and left undone that offended  you, my only and supreme God.  I firmly resolve to amend my life: and although I am unworthy to obtain mercy, yet looking upon your Holy Cross, I am filled with peace and joy.  I will, therefore, meditate on each station in company with Mary your mother, all the saints, and my holy Guardian Angel, to promote your honor. O loving Jesus, inflame my heart with your love, that I may perform this devotion as perfectly as possible, and that I may live and die in union with you.  Amen

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If possible, I would suggest moving around your surroundings carefully for each station.  Pick up your computer, and take it to another location in our home.  Imagine that you are walking to each station.  Just carry your internet device if possible, to a different chair or room.  If this is not feasible, then between each station, get up and move around the room and come back to your computer for the next station.  The stations are a prayer in motion.  May the stations be an opportunity to deepen our love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus. This has been a wonderful journey.  Thank you for the privilege of sharing this devotion with you.

Let us begin.




Join me now for a personal concluding prayer.

Lord Jesus, I have walked with my brothers and sisters the narrow dusty streets of Jerusalem so to have a deeper knowledge and love of you.  I thank you for times of learning and reflection on your life and experiences.  As I think of our five themes, (Warning Danger Ahead, Unexpected People, Brush off the Dust, Claim the Image, and Letting Go), I realize that your journey in life is also my journey in life.  Thank you for always walking with me.  Help me to remember, that during those times when the journey was more than I could handle, you were carrying me.  Help me to be an instrument of peace and love in this world.  In your Holy name I pray.   Amen

Thanks and recognition to the Community of the Gospel for their version of the Stations of the Cross.

Brother John Huebner, OSF, Franciscan Missionary Friar 

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