Good Works! – October 2022 and Me

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Good Works! - October 2022 and Me 

The Church of the Advocate/Red Door Ministry

Good Works!

  It has been two months since starting my journey with the Blue Ridge Service Corps. (BRSC) as an intern with Church of the Advocate (COA). I have already experienced an enormous amount of growth and insight, with myself and the people/communities in which I serve.  My duties as intern include being the leading member of the Good Works! team. This is a responsibility that I am proud to bear.

  Taking the Good Works! crew to the many sites that we work with, has been a pleasant experience. I admire the staff and the program that Haywood Street Church runs to help the homeless and marginalized. I observe the people who work there and how they put great amounts of time and effort into making Haywood a great community, as well as a safe haven for the marginalized people of Asheville.

  Another one of the work sites that the Good Works! crew enjoys working at is The Lake Logan Retreat Center in Haywood County. The lush nature of Lake Logan is surrounded by the breathtaking mountains. Getting up early to work there is an experience that sooths the soul, especially during the fall!

  The most important perspective that I am gaining through this internship and these communities, is the opportunity to connect and understand the homeless/marginalized population of Asheville on a deeper level. It’s human nature to categorize anything (including people) to process the world around us. There are many people in Asheville who see homeless/marginalized people in the streets, and don’t look any deeper into their being outside of “people in need of help and support”.  

  Yes, these people really need help and support, but working with some of these people has increased my awareness about who they are outside of their societal category. I work with members of the Good Works! crew who have a passion for music, and play/write their own music. I work with members of the crew who have a great style and eye for art and photography. I work with members of the crew who are hilarious and have hearts of gold. PEOPLE just like you and me. People with hopes, dreams, and love in their hearts.

  Most of the people who will read this are also involved with the homeless/marginalized population of Asheville, so I am aware that I am preaching to the choir (no pun intended).  I am writing this to show my gratitude for the Church of the Advocate and the Blue Ridge Service Corps., for the opportunity to learn from the people who I work with.  Just two months on the job is already growing my being in a positive way! Thank you to the Red Door Community!


         Want to learn more about me and my journey?

See the excellent video on the Blue Ridge Service Corps YouTube page linked below.


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Wade Headrick

Blue Ridge Service Corps. intern

with The Church of the Advocate/Red Door Ministry

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