Good Works! is still Working!

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Good Works! is still Working ! 

What Good Works! Means 

Thursdays of each week the Good Works! Crew goes out to Lake Logan Retreat Center and helps with whatever is needed that day. From painting to storm clean up the Crew is present at Lake Logan and their presence is welcomed with joy.

Nick, one of the maintenance staff at Lake Logan, says that the Crew makes the workload lighter for him and Bryce. What might be days of storm clean up became a one-day project. More than the Crew’s making less work, Nick values the community and connections that are being built each Thursday. For him it is the special experience of getting to continue talking with the Crew members that consistently come to the Lake Logan days. He looks forward to getting to know each Crew member even better as we continue to work with each other.

The Church of the Advocate/Red Door Ministry is open to everyone.  Our open door and open hearts have been committed to serving in this community and building up each other since 1997. We are glad Nick enjoys the connections with the Good Works! crew and the help that they give.

See this video to hear what it is all about:

What "Good Works!" Means - YouTube


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