Finding the Way – A Fifth Sunday of Easter Meditation- Deacon Tim

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Finding the Way - A Fifth Sunday of Easter Meditation - Deacon Tim

Sunday May 10, 2020

Finding The Way 

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Welcome to The Red Door at The Church of the Advocate, Asheville NC
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As we follow Jesus and The Way, He tells us and this song reminds us that

"It will be alright..":

Closing Prayer:

          Darkness covers the surface of our hearts, O Holy One.

          Bring us the Light.

          The Wind blows across the watery deep, O Eternal Breath.

          Breathe into us. 

          We are troubled.

          We are confused.

          We do not know the Way.

          We cannot see the Father

          We cannot see the Mother

          No matter how long you have been with us.

          Untroubler of our hearts, sustain us.

          Receiver of our spirits, comfort us in this great sorrow.

          Miracle Maker, Wonder Worker, Builder of All Worlds, 

          Bring us home again, O Way, O Truth, O Life.


    Remember to Love Your Neighbors, All Your Neighbors!
The Rev. Timothy M. Ervolina
Deacon, The Red Door at Church of the Advocate
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